Financial Services

India’s diverse and comprehensive financial services industry is growing rapidly, owing to demand drivers and supply drivers. The Indian financial services industry comprises several key subsegments. These include, but are not limited to- mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, stock-brokers, wealth managers etc. The services are provided to a diverse client base- including individuals, private businesses and public organizations. We have a strong presence of financial advisory service, we offer to individuals and business houses a wide portfolio of services, including investment due diligence, M&A advisory, valuation, real-estate consulting, risk consulting, etc. Our experts carefully analyze the current situation and accordingly prepare the project reports. Loan arrangement needs are also well taken care by us including cash credit limit, term loan and project loan. We can provide you the following services:

  • Preparation of project report
  • Loan arrangement- Cash credit limit, Term loan & Project loan
  • Due diligence for finance
  • Valuation of shares
  • Project Identification & concept for the selection.
  • Loan Appraisal and its Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Economic & financial viability analysis
  • Arranging finance from financial institutions and funding capital requirement through the issue of equity shares, debentures etc.
  • Documentation & Representation with financial institutions.
  • Registration and approval from various Govt. departments.
  • Marketing Tie ups
  • Export/ Import Tie ups
  • Appears in Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT)
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR)